Covid-19 Virus Prevention

Artículo publicado en: 6 sept 2020
Covid-19 Virus Prevention
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Covid-19 virus (Covid-19 : Coronavirus disease that was discovered in 2019) was named by WHO. Coronaviruses are large, enveloped, positive-stranded RNA viruses. The name coronavirus is derived from the Latin corona, meaning "crown" or "halo", which refers to the characteristic appearance of the virus particles. It was first isolated in 1937 from an infectious bronchitis virus in birds that has the ability to seriously devastate poultry stocks. Currently it is epidemic that started in late 2019 in the city of Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, in central China. Covid-19 are types of viruses that typically affect the respiratory tract of mammals, including humans. Coronavirus is transmitted through the air and primarily infects the upper respiratory and gastrointestinal tract of mammals and birds. Though most of the coronaviruses only cause flu-like symptoms.

Benefits of MULTI-FRUITS & BERRIES against VIRUS 

Berries contain various nutrients and are natural sources of antiviral agents. Maqui berry is a native berry from Chile has been used as a traditional medicine by South American Indians. The blending of a variety of fruits and berries especially maqui berry can enhance our immune system defending against viral infection. There are many journal reviews talking about berry fruits. Those may help boosting immune functions and deliver comprehensive protection against virus. Therefore, we should consume berries fruits as daily nutritious routine.


4 Benefits of Berries against VIRUS 1- Maqui Berry


Inhibit the growth of virus 2- Chokeberry


Entrap virus and prevent penetration 3- Cranberry


Inhibit virus to attach the human cell surface  4- Grapeseed


Boost cell immune against virus   How to prevent Covid-2019 virus Avoid contact with the people who have flu-like symptoms

  • Avoid contact with the people who have flu-like symptoms or travel to the non-circulated air in the public area

If you have cold symptoms, visit doctor immediately

  • If you have cold symptoms; fever, cough, running nose or sore throat, visit doctor immediately and report the location having been travelling

Always wear face mask

  • Always wear face mask to cover mouth and nose

Frequently wash your hand

  • Frequently wash your hand with soap and running water about 20 secs. If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer

Get the complete nutritious food

  • Get the complete nutritious food including multiple fruits, enough sleep and exercise to keep your strong immune