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Nativ for Life was created by Eng. Claudia Guiloff and Isabel Lecaros in 2010; with the mission of providing functional food with an added value for the health and wellbeing markets. María Lecaros boosts exports since 2012. Products for the wellbeing market and certified.


We hope to contribute towards a healthier world by exporting our innovative, healthy and natural Chilean products; helping our national economy grow.

In order to offer products with an added value that satisfy the needs of our clients, we seek to reach a sustainable development that provides wellbeing and benefits within the chain of work, from the community of berry pickers to our biodiversity conservation.

We believe in sustainable growth, while maintaining the quality of OUR products and services, the health and security of OUR collaborators, and the conservation of the environment through energy efficiency.

We are committed with promoting the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution and the reduction of our environmental impact.


Our main point of difference and strength is based on our wild harvest in Chillán and Coyhaique; 100% natural, organic, healthy additive-free products. We work with rural communities and use natural sustainable resources. Our company’s focus is innovation and development.

Because of its geography and climate, Chile produces the berries with the most bioactive compounds in the world. We are the 5° global exporter of these products.   Nativ for Life is guided by its commitment to the production of quality organic goods. We promote sustainability and fair trade; we work with loyal pickers, who we equip for their labour. We are transparent with our clients, who may access the information regarding our production line through marketing tools, photos, videos, clinical studies and nutritionists.

Our company has the most certified organic farmlands. NOP, EU, JAS, Halal, Kosher, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, produced in production facilities with BRC and HACCP.


The products of Nativ for Life are the Maquiberry (Aristotelia chilensis): lyophilized, frozen (IQF), concentrate and organically certified pulp (NOP, JAS, EU). It has a high concentration of anthocyanin-delphinidin and quercetin, which reinforce the immune system. We also produce other native organic berries like the Rosa Mosqueta, Murta, Calafate, Blueberry, Raspberry (lyophilized and/or frozen), all of which are rich in vitamin C and bioactive components which reinforce the immune system. We have frozen cranberry and lyophilized powder as well.


We sell in supermarkets and pharmacies in Chile and export to more than 20 countries. We export for wholesale and retail to Australia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapur, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Germany, Arab Emirates, Poland, Israel, United States of America, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil.