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Delphinidins Benefits 

1. Anti-oxidant– Anti-inflammatory 

2. Glycemic index stabilizer 

3. Immunostimulant - Enhancer of the Immune System

- Effect on Viruses

Market opportunity After Covid-19 

In 2020 People think it is more important to Strengthen the Immune System Naturally. Supplements and Functional Foods are a Bridge between Nature and the Consumer.

Key ingredients to boost the immune system 

1. VitaminsA, C, and E 

2. Antioxidants, Flavonoids: Quercetin, Myrcetin, Delphinidin,

Cyanidines, Proanthocyanides Carotenoids 

3. Minerals like Se, Fe, Mg, Cu and Zn 

PREVENTION - The Future of Medicine 

1. Cranberry fruit is rich in vitamin C and Proanthocyanins. 

Molecules that strengthen the immune system. 

2. Cranberry Freeze Dried Powder concentrates these properties 11 times in a 100% natural  way without additives. 

Chile has the berries with higher bioactive contents due to its climate and UVradiation.

Your Daily Antioxidant Dose

Due the knowledge of Raw material origin, stability and conservation of the different  bioactive compounds, together with the good handling of harvest, post harvest,  certifications and fruit processes, we obtain thebest products.