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Our Purpose and Beliefs

Nativ For Life began by working with local communities of farmers in southern Chile, all the way from the Araucanía to the Patagonia. Our purpose is to bring the ancestral knowledge of our people to modern society; to bring health from virgin nature to the city, where we know it will help build a healthier society.

Our native communities have given us wisdom for hundreds of years with regards to nutrition and medicine. When it comes to tackling the climate crisis, helping promote gender equality, supporting rural economies, the impact of agriculture and harvesting in the wild is incomparable.

We are aware that the objective of agriculture is not only production, but the preservation of culture and the protection of our communities and our environment.

Nativ For Life’s purpose is to acknowledge and highlight helping the traditions and wisdom of our local communities while changing the nutrition of society and bettering the health of our children and the future generations of our planet.

Our families are the pioneers in this movement, and they accompany us in our journey with inspiration, projects, and support.

Our Pickers

We know the ORIGIN of our raw materials. We associate ourselves with local pickers, working together towards the goal of protecting our indigenous legacy together. We achieve this by training individuals and by implementing sustainability, innocuousness, traceability and quality; all of which results in the generation of income for families of our native communities and in better local products.

While undergoing our organic inspections, we visit all of our farmlands and interview all of their workers to ensure its proper upkeeping. This results in significant income for local families of the areas of Los Ángeles, Panguipulli, Lago Ranco and Coyhaique.

We hold 40% of the organic maqui market, with 12.000 certifications since the year 2012 by ECOCERT, according to the norms stablished by the NOP, EU, Chilena, JAS and Korena; we are key players in the wild harvesting of maquiberry.

We create economic opportunities for small organic farmers to strengthen global economies that guarantee a just salary and healthy work conditions for all workers of the supply chain.

Small Farmers. We work with more than 300 farmers and pickers. We are committed with associating ourselves with small farms to strengthen the local economies and communities of the regions where we do business. Working with small farmers benefits the consumers as well as the farmers themselves.

Our Quality

Thanks to our knowledge and our understanding of the origin, stability and conservation of the bioactive compounds in our products, we are able to manage our harvests, post-harvests and fruit processing properly; achieving the best possible products.

Our Science

We have alliances with multiple universities to develop clinical studies so we may back the benefits of the bioactive compounds of our products with facts. We back our products technically and scientifically through the  analysis of the bioactive compounds in each batch of our production.

Our Nature

We have been the leading group of maqui berry domestication for more than 8 years. Our aim is to supply the world with this native Chilean fruit in a sustainable manner.  

We are committed with generating a positive impact through our business model. We hope to heal our planet and society by deploying the power of our corporate social responsibility and providing organic regenerative agriculture in our production.

Our biggest ally is nature; she is our home and we all belong to her. Because we are one with nature, when we are in accordance with her, we are in accordance with ourselves. A healthy environment results in a healthy body and a healthy community.

Certified Organic Product. We have been investing in organic agriculture since the birth of our company in 2012. We have bought more than 1.500 kilos of organically certified products and have supported thousands of farmers along the way.

Certified Organic Hectares. Throughout our supply chain we support more than 24.799 hectares of farmland worked by small farms and cooperatives using traditional regenerative agriculture; all the way from Mulchen to Coyhaique. 

Carbon Footprint. Northeastern University and The Organic Center published a study in 2017 that shows that organic farmlands have 26% more potential to store carbon in its soil on the long term compared to regular farms, as well as holding 13% more organic matter in its soil.

Ecological elements. We have installed solar panels in our domesticated maqui fields because we are committed with the reduction of our carbon footprint.

Packaging. We acknowledge the necessity of finding eco-friendly packaging options for our products; we are currently transitioning towards this goal.

Our Community

We are aware that not everybody is acquainted with super foods. Because of this, we guide our clients, consumers and followers with regards to our products’ benefits by participating in food fairs, organizing visits with nutritionists and hosting seminaries with a team of nutrition experts. We show how our products may be used and consumed by posting recipes in our social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).

We are trustworthy providers of organic plant-based superfoods, which contain active components that benefit the user’s health. A plant-based diet helps prevent chronic diseases, which account for 70% of deaths worldwide.

The United Nations and other international organizations recognize that a plant-based diet benefits personal health and actively promotes the reduction of greenhouse gasses emissions, helping to tackle the current environmental crisis.