6 servings


– 2 cups milk of choice

– 2 ½ ripe bananas

– 4 full tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder – 10 drops liquid stevia

– 5 droplets vanilla extract

– 5 sheets (leaves) unflavored gelatin (fish gelatin)

– 2 tsp. calafate (Magellan barberry, box – leaved barberry)


  1. Place the milk, bananas, cocoa, vanilla extract and calafate in the blender jug. Liquefy. Sweeten with stevia or sweetener as desired.
  2. Leave the gelatin sheets to hydrate in cold water for 4 minutes, then remove from water, squeeze and let dilute in a water bath (bain Marie).
  3. Once the gelatin sheets are hydrated and diluted, let them get warm and add to the preparation. Stir to integrate into the mixture.
  4. Pour the mixture into silicone moulds and bring to cool until firm enough to unmould (1 hour).
  5. Once firm, unmould and serve garnished with raspberries and coconut.