About Us

Our mission is to deliver health and wellness in a natural and innovatory way, through a number of native fruits, such as maqui (Chilean wineberry), which reduces the glycemic index; or murta (strawberry myrtle), for cardiovascular diseases; rose hip, for arthritis and osteoarthritis; calafate (Box-leaved Barberry, Magellan Barberry), for weight control; cranberries, for urinary tract infections; and blueberries, for concentration and memory. Most come in powder presentation and no additives.
In Chile we are present in 900 outlets (points of sale) counting retail, drugstores (pharmacies) and naturist stores, totaling 145 partners (customers), and 15 in the international markets, mainly in the bulk industry. We started with a CP $40 million seed-stage capital fund which was awarded to us in May, 2011.
Our first sales year was 2012 with Jumbo.

Our History

Nativ for Life (N4L) was established by Isabel Lecaros and Claudia Guiloff, two Universidad de Chile – graduated food engineers. In 2012 they were joined by María de los Ángeles Lecaros as their export manager. Both founding member’s working experience, despite having studied the same career, was rather opposed: Isabel concentrated herself on research, for her vast experience in different fields of biotechnology, being superfruit (eg, maqui) one of them. Claudia worked for 20 years in an international company, and she had to travel 120 days a year, getting to know and work with people from different cultures. They knew they would complement each other very well, and so has been their experience.


“Being women entrepreneurs has been rather hard. When we started and went to have conversations with the wholefood market buyer (agent, broker), we told him that we didn’t have a production plant but that we had dirt in our hands, working shoulder to shoulder with our fruit pickers during the entire organic collection and certification process. He didn’t believe us and we had to show him a video! Even pickers, being us women, didn’t respect us that much and thought that we weren’t going to pay them! But we climbed up the hill with them and they began to trust us. Setting up N4L has been difficult as ours is still a country where gender difference is still an issue. However, if doors were shut in our faces, we would always find an open window, so to speak.
I was lucky enough to meet a great entrepreneur who started in Marseille,, France, selling lunches in a pickup truck, by late ‘60s. As for today, he runs a company that sells more than €20 billion in 120 different countries. He told me only this one thing: ‘if you have small dreams, you will always do small things… but if you dream big, you will build big companies.’ That’s why I think we have to dream big.”


Our products are obtained after a Lyophilization process, also known as “vacuum dehydration”, whereby frozen raw materials are placed in vacuum cooling chambers, where they are dehydrated without thawing. Ice is sublimated (it becomes water vapor), without passing through the aqueous state, and is by that way extracted.

During lyophilization the ingredient’s cell structure remains intact, and since the process doesn’t consider a heat stage, products retain their nutritional value, color, flavor, aroma, and can be re-hydrated in a better way when compared to other dehydration processes.

This process presents the advantage of being able to convert perishable products into products that can be preserved for longer time periods, without refrigeration required.

All our products are elaborated with raw materials of the highest quality. Maqui is harvested in the wild by our communities and it’s certified organic at each stage of the process. Our murta (strawberry myrtle) is all wild in its collection, and cranberries and blueberries are crops from southern Chile, where the berries with the highest antioxidant content in the world are produced, due to its unique solar radiation conditions.

All our processes are developed in HACCP and BRC certified plants and certified Organic NOP and EU by IMO and Kosher, with the highest quality standards.



Recognized in 2011 by CORFO and its Seed Stage Funding programme by InnovaChile, obtaining financing to further develop our business venture.

Our innovation consists of combining (high quality) raw materials- which are traditional in the region – with cutting-edge technological processes. We aim to vindicate the wisdom of our indigenous communities, providing it with a renewed power and scope, while being backed by the scientific community, and always looking for new ways to add value to this proposal. We focus on the quality and functionality of our products fostering the social and environmental sustainability of the regions where our raw materials come from. This is supported by institutions such as InnovaChile, USDA Organics and Kosher Chile.

Our products are organic, gluten-free, kosher and raw vegan, and are obtained through the least possible processing, at low temperatures, in order to keep fruits nutritional properties and taste intact. This results in products that are functional and gourmet at the same time, which, given their quality, safety, and versatility, allow a number of uses, within the food industry and also in others, such as the cosmetic one.

Our company is deeply committed to fair trade, offering decent and well paid jobs that will contribute to our small farming and collecting communities’ local development, while recognizing and recovering our native communities traditional customs relevance (value). We also recognize our responsibility in contributing to biodiversity promotion and conservation, as a source of collective wealth that improves our (own) life quality.